Saturday, April 16, 2011

IOUG Collaborate 2011 @ Orlando, FL

Hello All,

Thanks to all those who attended my sessions at this years Collaborate 11 @ Orlando, FL.

1. Exadata - A Real Life Example
2. Oracle MAA Best Practices - What DBAs should Know!!!
3. Product Management in Non Technology Company and how it is helping us!!!
4. RAC/DG Panel
5. Exadata Panel and SIG Meetings.

As ususal it was fun @ Collaborate and nice meeting you all..


Sunday, September 26, 2010

My OOW-2010 Presentations....

Hello All,

Following were the OOW presentations I was part of and would like to thank you all who attended. I would be more than happy to take any follow up questions you might have and you can reach me on


Session#: 316925
Session Name: Top Oracle Database 11g High Availability Best Practices that DBAs Need to know
Location: Moscone South Room # 103
Other Speakers: Joe Meeks, Director of PM - HA, Oracle & Frank Kobylanski, Principal Tech Staff-MAA Oracle

Session#: 316818
Session Name: Oracle Exadata Customer Panel: Deployment Experiences with Extreme Performance.
Location: Moscone South Room # 307
Other Speakers: Daniel Dibbets, Ram Mohan, Jim Duffy
Moderator: George Lumpkin from Oracle.

DW Global Leaders Program: I had an opportunity to present infront of 40+ specially invited key customers about our exadata environment as a case study.

Apart from these presentations I had several reference meetings scheduled by Global Customer Program group from Oracle with other key customers on Exadata implementations.

So I would like to thank you all who attended my sessions. I hope I was able to provide some technical / management info which could be helpful to you all.

From the desk of Vinod...

Oracle Open World 2010

Hello All,

My OOW 2010 started with a brunch meeting with IOUG Exadata SIG BoDs meeting at Mels drive restaurant. The meeting was attended by most of the Board members including Rich Niemiec, Arup Nanda, Shyam, Dan Norris, Phil Stephenson (Exadata PM from Oracle) and Jeff Jacobs. We missed Shyamal Bandyopadhyay. We had good discussion about upcoming SIG Charter and how to promotr the SIG and SIG events.

Some key items you will see are 1. Official Website for Exadata SIG and 2. More promising Web casts featuring Exadata product and delivered by actual customers along with Oracle.

After the delicious brunch ( Thanks to Phil and Oracle for sponsoring it!!!) we headed to Moscone West for our SIG member meeting. Rich was crucial in getting one of the room for meeting, whearas Arup was doing a great job holding the banner and attracting many attendees towards the SIG meeting. We had close to 40 members attending the meeting with great discussion around Exadata Deployment to best practices and security. We had few Oracle folks attending the meeting and shared few key items with the group.

So we ended the meeting with some deliverables identified and some work for the board members..So I will keep you all posted as we make this SIG a success and make progress. So stay tune....

From the Desk of Vinod....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My First Blog...

Hello World! I'm finally here as I have decided to be with you all.