Sunday, September 26, 2010

My OOW-2010 Presentations....

Hello All,

Following were the OOW presentations I was part of and would like to thank you all who attended. I would be more than happy to take any follow up questions you might have and you can reach me on


Session#: 316925
Session Name: Top Oracle Database 11g High Availability Best Practices that DBAs Need to know
Location: Moscone South Room # 103
Other Speakers: Joe Meeks, Director of PM - HA, Oracle & Frank Kobylanski, Principal Tech Staff-MAA Oracle

Session#: 316818
Session Name: Oracle Exadata Customer Panel: Deployment Experiences with Extreme Performance.
Location: Moscone South Room # 307
Other Speakers: Daniel Dibbets, Ram Mohan, Jim Duffy
Moderator: George Lumpkin from Oracle.

DW Global Leaders Program: I had an opportunity to present infront of 40+ specially invited key customers about our exadata environment as a case study.

Apart from these presentations I had several reference meetings scheduled by Global Customer Program group from Oracle with other key customers on Exadata implementations.

So I would like to thank you all who attended my sessions. I hope I was able to provide some technical / management info which could be helpful to you all.

From the desk of Vinod...

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